IRENE MELVILLE (Independent Practitioner)

A holistic treatment with an emphasis on blood type, nutrition treatment and osteopathy. 

I am a highly qualified Specialist earning an outstanding reputation among my professional peers from all corners of the globe.

I am based in the United Kingdom with clincs in London, Kingsbridge, Plymouth, Saltash and Newton Abbot.  I also work overseas within specialist clinics in Florida and Gran Canaria.

For many years I have worked closely with a London based laboratory who have years of research on their nutritional products.  This enables me to ensure I recommend the highest quality products to my clients.

Kinesiology clinic on Tuesdays at Nature's Bounty.  Appointments can be booked by contacting the shop.

I run my clinics alongside my  Practice partner, Rebecca Bindon.                                                                      



Therapists work Independently at Nature's Bounty on a self-employed basis

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