IRENE MELVILLE (Independent Practitioner)

A holistic treatment with an emphasis on blood type, nutrition treatment and osteopathy. 

I am a highly qualified Specialist earning an outstanding reputation among my professional peers from all corners of the globe.

I am based in the United Kingdom with clincs in London, Kingsbridge, Plymouth, Saltash and Newton Abbot.  I also work overseas within specialist clinics in Florida and Gran Canaria.

For many years I have worked closely with a London based laboratory who have years of research on their nutritional products.  This enables me to ensure I recommend the highest quality products to my clients.

Kinesiology clinic on Tuesdays at Nature's Bounty.  Appointments can be booked by contacting the shop on 01626 367050                                                                    



Therapists work Independently at Nature's Bounty on a self-employed basis

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