05 Nov 2020

Movember Men's Health

Nature's Bounty came across this very interesting article written by Lisa James on men's health We have selected a few of our favourites for Movember Men's Health.

For thousands of years, men have turned to nature’s bounty of health-supporting herbs in an effort to maintain peak well-being.

Today, many of these herbs (and other plant-based substances) are again being used by people who wish to best support their health. Here are some of them.



What It Is

What It Does


Panax ginseng, an herb with a long history of usage in Traditional Chinese Medicine

Long thought of in TCM as an overall vitality tonic; has shown the ability to promote  male reproductive health; has demonstrated antioxidant properties*


A carotenoid found in vegetables and fruits such as carrots, papayas, tomatoes and watermelons

Higher lycopene levels have been associated with greater prostate well-being; may also help support liver health*


A phytonutrient found in grapes and peanuts as well as Polygonum cuspidatum, native to east Asia

Has shown antioxidant effects; may support healthy testosterone production*


Rhodiola rosea, an herb native to the arctic areas of Europe and Asia

Traditionally viewed as an adaptogen, a plant that promotes a healthy stress response; may also help support healthy energy and mood levels*

Saw Palmetto/Pygeum

Serenoa repens and Pygeum africanum, often used together in herbalism

Used to help support prostate health; may support healthy hair*


A vital trace mineral; highest concentrations found in Brazil nuts, other sources include brown rice, meat and seafood

Plays a vital role in thyroid and brain function; may also support male reproductive health*


Curcuma longa, native to India, where it has a history of culinary and healing use

A potent antioxidant; may support prostate health*


A trace mineral found in seafood, especially oysters, as well as meat and some types of nuts

Known to play a key role in male reproductive health*


NOTE: Always consult with your healthcare practitioner for help in designing a supplementation program, especially if you have a pre-existing condition.

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